Storefront NFTs Auction

Introducing the most iconic NFTs for the MCP World.

“World” is the upcoming upgrade for the MegaCryptoPolis - a new layer of gameplay to allow for exploring the virtual city with a Citizen as avatar, entering buildings and creating custom interiors. New players will start the game in the Main Tower Lobby. 5 Storefronts will be created for each network that comes with custom interiors available to be visited by every player. Every Storefront is an exclusive NFT that can be freely traded on the open market. No new Storefronts will be created in the Main Tower, ever.

Visit the Town Hall in a World Demo to explore the lobby and check how it will work after the game launch.

5 Unique Storefront NFTs will be distibuted on the Dutch auction.

Every day the offering price is reduced by 1/100 until someone purachses the NFT.

The lowest price a Storefron NFT may reach is 1/10 its initial value.


Every Storefront comes with interior Block - at least 24 x 24.

Storefront owner will be able to place objects inside, including NFTs offered for sale and functional objects to use a Storefront as:

  • Crypto Art Gallery
  • Warehouse
  • Corporation Office
  • Furniture Store
  • Clothing Store
  • Appliances Store
  • Private Apartment
  • Travel Agency
  • Lawer’s Office

Every Storefronts is a unique ERC-721 NFT owned by a player and stored in a digital wallet. It can be transferred or traded freely on the internal marketplace or any external exchange (like OpenSea). Please be informed that MCP Team has no access to your wallet and may not be able to help if the wallet will be stolen or unreachable.