The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.


What Is it?

MegaCryptoPolis — is the decentralized city builder strategy game running in the form of a dApp (decentralized application) on multiply blockchains. Every action in the game is a transaction signed by a player and accomplished by the smart contract.

It's a breakthrough online multiplayer strategy game that allows players from all over the world to collectively build a unique mega city like never before.

Every asset in the MegaCryptoPolis is a cryptographically unique ERC-721 token stored in a player’s wallet. Game logic runs entirely on smart contracts with every action rendering a verified transaction on the blockchain.

MegaCryptoPolis is based on a decentralized model, with all in game transactions verified by smart contracts and all player activities stored within the Ethereum blockchain.

MegaCryptoPolis 3D allows players to rent buildings, produce materials those are required by other buildings, create new generations of citizens, offer services to other players, place ads and drive cars, just to name a few.

New Microeconomy concept introduced in 2019 with a set of new functions for all the building types:

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In order to operate under the Microeconomy concept a Citizen is required to be appointed into a building. Citizens define the overall performance of the building along with a number of Influence Points a building have. Number of Citizens required by a building to operate on the full power depends on the building level and type.

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Microeconomy concept made the MegaCryptoPolis 3D expansion to new networks available.

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Being a dApp, MegaCryptoPolis does not own or manage your game assets. It’s up to you to keep it securely. A private key or a passphrase for your digital wallet is the only way to access your game assets. It is important to keep this data private and store it in a safe place. Failure to do so could lead to game assets loss, and MegaCryptoPolis may not help to retrieve them.

How to get started