The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.


Natural Disasters

There are 3 types of Natural Disasters that may happen in a District: Flooding, Fire and Storm. That happens twice a day in both Etherium and Tron, although in TRON it can even happen in a closed District. The information on the past disasters can be found in game notifications.

Natural Disaster damage can be prevented by municipal buildings insurance:

Natural DisasterBuilding Type
FireFire Station

Natural Disasters will become weather-dependent, adjusted on a daily basis. The weather forecast will include the following characteristics: humidity, winds and atmospheric pressure. For example, flooding will be the result of high pressure and humidity and storms will appear due to strong winds and low pressure. The types of disasters will remain the same, although each disaster’s impact and damage will depend on its power:

Extreme disasters are rare and happen significantly less often than mild and moderate ones.

The table below describes the chances to have a disaster in a district.

Increased chance of disasterProvided by
FloodingHigh humidity + High pressure
FireStrong winds + low humidity
StormStrong winds + low pressure.