The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.


Funds & Taxes

Just like in real life, every key action in the game requires tax payments. Those taxes will form the Regional Budget (of a certain district) and the Federal Budget (the whole map). The taxes budget is then distributed every game cycle (daily at 0:05 UTC time) between the Office building owners.

Almost every action in the MegaCryptoPolis 3D is due to Taxes payment that is accepted by the Global Tax and District’s Funds. Taxes are always transferred in the native game cryptocurrency MEGA (Both for Ethereum blockchain, and TRON blockchain).

Every time a player constructs or upgrades a building, collects produced Materials, Appliances or Citizen tokens, claims a service in a Commercial building or collects income in Office will transfer a small amount of MEGA directly to the Funds of certain network with a small commission for the District owner and the MCP Team.

These Funds will be then distributed between Office buildings every game cycle (24 hours). Amount of Taxes to be paid are defined by Districts owners. That way each District may have its own policy on actions performed on its territory

Amount of Taxes to be paid are defined by Districts owners. That way each District may have its own policy on actions performed on its territory.

District Funds

Every District has its own Fund filled by every action in the District. District owner defines an amount of taxes collected from every operation - rules are defined in the Distict Control Panel and are publicly available to anyone in the District info.

Some Districts may specialize on resources production and give no space for Residential and Commercial properties the same time some others will host the most convenient conditions for workers to have a rest.

Global Tax Fund

Global Fund is formed by every action performed in the game. Microeconomy features increased periods for the Global Fund distribution that may vary from 90 to 365 days.

District owners are not be able to tax trading operations as most of them may happen on external exchanges and there is no way we can control these transfers for an additional commission to any third party. From the other hand, every land plot sold on the internal marketplace will grant a small commission for the District owner.

Paper in Offices

Starting from May 5th, Paper is required to collect MEGA from Offices.

Paper is produced in Paper Factory using aside of essential Electricity, Water, Sand and Wood, two Compounds which are produced on other chains and shall be delivered to the source network via the Airport: Mixes are produced on the TRON Network, Glue on Ethereum and Composite on BNB.

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The amount of Paper required to collect MEGA from Offices depends on days an Office building has worked, its level and type.

If the player has not collected MEGA from the offices for a long time, then they receive a discount on the paper that will be required for the collection.

That said, Paper required to collect MEGA from Offices will decrease over time - the longer the period since the last collection the better it gets - up to 10% the amount after 360 days for Level 1 building.

The table below shows discounts depending on the number of days since the last collection:

In addition to Paper, collecting from offices requires Water and Energy that is taken for the very fact of collection, does not increases over time, no discount applied:

Offices MEGA accumulation calculations are done daily, while the Citizens are checked for Stamina a random minute every hour. That will not allow to appoint Citizens for a couple of hours to collect the daily results, adding fairness and ensuring the workload for Commercial buildings.