The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.



After the Evolution upgrade released May 24, 2022 every type of a building received a new status bar — the Condition. Measured in points, with 100 being the maximum, Condition will influence the building’s results in production.

Condition is worsened a bit over time or with every production cycle. Severe damage can result from a Natural Disaster in a District, if a building does not have active protection by Municipals.

Restoring Condition by repairing a building will require Resources depending on the building level and type. The more expensive it is to construct a building, the more Resources are required to restore the building’s Condition. The restoring price is deducted depending on Current condition points and Base price of repair as well.

With every lost Condition point the performance of any given building slightly decreases. However, the decline is not linear — the first missing 10% of Condition points affect the efficiency much less than the last 10% do. When the Condition falls to 10% or less the building stops all operations.

Natural Disasters will do significant damage to all buildings in a District not protected by Municipals. Players can purchase insurance to protect their buildings: from a Storm in a Police Station, a Fire in Fire Station, or a Flood in a Hospital.

Insurance also reduces the Condition decline by building operation production, depending on amount of Insurance types:

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POI (Monuments, Landmarks), Public Transport (Bus Stops, Subways) will not receive Condition bar.

The condition decreases according to:

The number of condition points decline is defined by the type of building. Only residential building’s decline is influenced by its level as well.