The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.



Districts are the larger siblings of land plots that feature on the MegaWorld gaming map. All land plots in the game are contained within a District, all of which may vary in size, form and location.

Districts are minted in the form of NFTs and stored in players’ digital wallets. Districts could be freely transferred or traded between players on the market.

There are limited number of Districts on each gaming map:

No new Districts will be ever created on these gaming maps. When a new gaming map is created all the Districts are considered closed. Districts' ownership rights are distributed on auctions. The first District was opened in May 2018 on Ethereum map.

Governing a District

District owner defines conditions for all the building types and sets an initial land plot prices in the event of a new District opening. After the District is opened a District owner receives taxes from every action in the District as well as shares from land plot sales and operations in the MegaWorld*.

The benefits of governing a District are as follows:

* - to be implemented in MegaWorld Alpha

District owner sets game rules on its territory in the District Control Panel that is available in the Districts list only for the token holder.

Acquiring Districts

When a new District auction is started every player is invited to take part — enter the game and select the “Districts” menu.

An active District auction will have the “MAKE A BID” button.

In order to make a bid a player transfers the required ETH/TRX/BNB to the smart contract where all funds will be locked until the auction end date or a higher bid occurs. In the event of a higher bid, the funds will be returned to the same wallet address where it came from.

After a bid is made, any participant can make another bid within 5-7 days, otherwise the district will then be awarded to the player who has the last bid.

Auction will not end earlier than 14 days from the date the first bid received. Every next bid prolongs the auction for another 5-7 days. If the auction does not receive a higher bid in 5-7 days the previous bidder wins the auction.

If not finished until the specified end date, the highest bidder at 6 PM UTC at this date will win the auction.

Opening a District

Auction winner claims the District ownership rights in a form of District token minted to a digital wallet on a L1 network. Then the winner sets the initial land plot prices and selects the District opening date — that can not be less than 24 hours from the moment the auction finished. That time period is required for the team to handle announcements and invite players to participate in the District opening event to acquire spare land plots.

New District auction can be started not earlier than 7 days after the previous auction was finished.