The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.


Micro and Macro Economics

The original concept described in MegaCryptoPolis White Book was successfully implemented in the first version of the decentralized city builder game to form the so-called “Macroeconomy” layer. MegaCryptoPolis 3D Draft Paper introduced (besides significant visual improvements), a whole new gameplay model to be built on top of existing assets ― what we prefer to call a “Microeconomy” concept.

Macroeconomy ―

an underlying layer of immutable assets (districts, land plots and buildings) as the core of MegaCryptoPolis gameplay to be used for implementation of the new concepts on top of it.

Microeconomy ―

new layer of operations with collectible assets (like Citizens, Pets and Appliances) to enrich Macroeconomy assets and bring more depth to the gameplay.

There is no actual division between Macro and Micro economy logic in the game; however it is important to understand the difference as only the Microeconomy assets are interoperable (can be transferred between different blockchains).

Some Microeconomy assets can be produced on the Macroeconomy layer (Appliances, Resources and Citizens), some others are unique and will be distributed only during special events (like Pets).

“Mirco” is not the literal characteristic for the new layer ― we believe it may become even larger in terms of overall transactions volume and certain assets value.

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