The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.



Citizens are digital collectible tokens required to manage operations in the MegaCryptoPolis 3D buildings.

Every Citizen has a unique genotype that defines its appearance and qualifications. More often than not, qualifications are inherited from parents.

Appointing a Citizen

Building will start its operation after a required number of Citizens is appointed. A certain number depends on a building Level and type.

For example, a couple of Citizens will be enough for Level 1 building to perform on maximum, but a Mega building will need 20 of them.

Minimum amount
of Citizens
Maximum amount
of Citizens
6 (Huge)1114
7 (Mega)1520

Every time a Citizen is added or released from an Energy, Industrial, Production and Residential building current production progress will be terminated and started all over again.

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Please note that for Residential buildings it's always the Maximum amount required to start production of new Citizen tokens. Also all the Residential buildings are gender specific.

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Any Citizen can be appointed in any building. However, one will perform better in a certain type of buildings, depending on his qualifications.


Citizens’ qualifications define their ability to perform better in a certain type of building. Qualifications are given on birth and can be boosted by pairing with a Pet.

Each qualification ranges from minimum of 1 up to maximum of 10 points. Having at least one qualification with 8 points makes Citizen a ”Top Manager”, 9 points - “Professional” and 10 points qualification grants an “Executive” badge. Citizen with 10 points in two qualifications in matching fields (like Strength and Endurance for Industrial) adds a “Top Executive” title.

Qualifications determine salary in Offices, prices of services for customers in Commercials, share of the insurance fund to be received by Municipal building in the case of natural disaster, amount of Materials to be produced in Industrial, Energy and Production buildings.

Primary qualification has the most impact on the building performance with a secondary one being just as much important. However, all other qualifications in their combined average value also impacts the results.

Genius Citizens

Citizens featuring 3 or more qualifications with at least 8 points are considered Genius. The most exclusive type of genius Citizen is an Astronaut with all 10 points qualifications. Only 10 Generation A Astronauts will was created during the Microeconomy Pre-order event.


Generation affects Citizen’s Stamina that defines how long can a Citizen work in a building before he will need a rest.

GenerationStamina PointsOffsprings *

* — a number of production cycles in a Residential building, not a certain amount of offsprings produced.

As the every offspring requires involvement of several appointed Citizens in a building, every Residential building production cycle reduses the amount of the offsprings left for all the Citizens in a building.

New Generations

Citizen Generation also defines the number of new Citizen tokens that it can produce during the lifetime and a period for every new token to be created.

Citizen token can be created in Residential buildings. Every next Citizen token created in the game will have the succeeding number to the oldest Generation from all the citizens appointed into a certain Residential building.

Time required for a Citizen to create a new Generation Citizen token is also defined by the Generation, as follows:

It's always a good idea to have all the Citizens of the same Generation with matching qualifications in the single Residential building for better results.

Citizens could be freely traded on the market or transferred to another wallet or a blockchain just like any other Microeconomy token.

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