The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.



Buildings are constructed on the decentralized city land plots to be rented out or operated by a player depending on its type.

Building Types

MegaCryptoPolis 3D Microeconomy introduced a new set of functionality for every building type:

The feasibility of construction depends on what other players have built around each other, with every new construction making a serious impact on what is built around it.


Building construction requires Materials as well as fees and taxes paid to the Global and Local (District's) Funds in MEGA. Energy buildings require a Resources land plot to be constructed.

In order for a building to operate a certain amount of Citizens is required to be appointed.

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Upgrading a building will directly impact the amount of Influence Points it has. Upgrades requires Materials as well as fees and taxes paid to the Global and Local (District's) Funds in MEGA.

Building's Level (with the amount of Influence Points) define performance of a building along with qualifications of appointed Citizens. For Production, Industrial and Energy buildings it also defines the production period, as follows:

17 days
26 days
35 days
44 days
53 days
6 (Huge)48 hours
7 (Mega)24 hours

Higher building level also has a lower initial multiplier for production speed up fees and taxes.

Resedential buildings

Resedential building level impacts a lot the qualifications an offsprings will have. For Level 1 buildings most of them will have lower average qualification, mid-level Residential buildings will still have a small chance of a new generation Citizen to have the same average qualifications with Huges and Megas having a big advantage in providing offsprings with better average qualifications.

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High Level Upgrades

The maximum level that buildings can be upgraded to is Mega (Level 7). Upgrades from 5 and 6 levels can be performed only by uniting with an adjacent building of the same type and level.

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A Car can be parked in a building to reduce Stamina Points consumtion by Citizens.

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Appliances can be installed to a building for an Influence Points bonus.

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Demolishing a Building

Any building can be effectively demolished to enable another building being constructed on a land plot. Demolishing returns 1/4 of resources consumed by the last upgrade. That operations cannot be undone. All the upgrades made to the building will be lost.

Building requires a land plot to be constructed on. It is then transferred and traded with the land plot it is constructed on.

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