The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.


Making an Offer

Suggest your price for any assets in the MegaCryptoPolis even if the owner is not selling it at the moment.

This option is available in the "Manage a token" window for Land Plots, Districts, Citizens, Pets and Cars. Name your price and press "Send" button — you will be asked to deposit the amount in the native blockchain cryptocurrency to ensure the deal.

Owner will be instantly informed about your offer via E-mail and in-game notification system. Acceping an offer will grant you the token along with the cryptocurrency being transferred by the smart contract directly to an owner's in-game balance right away.

You can cancel the offer at any time before the owner will accept it. An asset owner can decline the offer as well. In case the offer will be declined you'll receive the transferred cryptocurrency on your in-game balance without any comissions.

Please be informed that there is a comission of 3.5% to be applied below the offering price. That means a token owner will receive 96.5% of the cryptocurrency you have transferred to grant an offer.