The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.



Vehicles reduce Citizens’ Stamina consumption in the building. That means less restoration required by Citizens for more operations and more effectiveness in the building. Cars and Helicopters are visible on the gaming map. For the “Avatar Mode” players will be able to use them to drive the city streets.


Different types of Cars suits different types of buildings:

Building TypeCars
ResidentialPickup, Hatchback
OfficeSedan, Coupe
CommercialIce Truck, Food Truck
Municipal - Police StationPolice
Municipal – HospitalAmbulance
Municipal – Fire StationFire
ProductionContainer Lorry, Box Lorry
IndustrialWagon, Van
EnergyCargo Lorry, Bus


Helicopters are super vehicles with the most benefit to Stamina redemption. They can be applied only on Huge (Level 6) and Mega (Level 7) buildings and have no restriction on the type of the building to be applied to. Only one Helicopter can be applied to a building.

Parking a Car

The number of Cars to be parked near the building depends on the building level:
LevelNumber of Cars
3Up to 2
4Up to 2
5Up to 2
6 (Huge)Up to 3 + Helicopter
7 (Mega)Up to 3 + Helicopter

There will be a Car Plant building as a part of Transportation Mode coming 2020 that will allow for making Car tokens inside the game. Most likely, this production will require a lot of Energy, Water and Steel.

Cars could be freely traded on the market or transferred to another wallet or a blockchain just like any other Microeconomy token.

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