The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.


Public Transport

Navigating around the world is a crucial part of the game itself. To make it easier and understandable for players we have introduced the Public Transport Map that is available in the game under the subway icon in the left menu

Constructing Bus Stops and Subway Stations allows you to aggregate traffic in the metaverse around your objects, define custom names for locations on the gaming map, and enable convenient navigation for Citizens.

Subway Station

Subway enables fast travel between Districts.

Every District is allowed to have only 1 Subway Station. A Subway Station requires 4 land plots (2x2 field) and a lot of Resources to be constructed. A Subway Station can be constructed by any player.

After a Subway Station is constructed in a District no other player is able to construct a Subway Station in that District unless the first one is demolished.

Constructed Subway Station allows giving a name to a District on a public transportation map.

Bus Stop

Bus rapid transit allows a seamless roam within a District.

A Bus Stop can be constructed on a sidewalk near the building located on a road.

These a limit on a minimum distance between two Bus Stops - no new Bus Stop can be constructed in 15x15 land plots / 20x20 fields close to around already constructed Bus Stop.

Requires a Commercial building Level 3 or Higher to be constructed. As the Bus Stop requires a sidewalk to be positioned on, sadly, there is no way to add one on a parking lane located Commercial.

Bus Stop can only be built near the straight road, there should be no obstacles such as road turns, crossroads, crosswalks.

Demolishment of a bus stop or subway station

Returns ¼ of all the Resources consumed for construction.

Giving a name to your bus stop or subway station

Every Subway Station and a Bus Stop can be given a name. The name will be present on the transportation map. Additionally constructing a subway station in the District will give you an opportunity to name the District as well.

Limit - max 30 characters.


You can place an advertisement at your bus stop/subway station once Mega World launches.

Post moderation of names and pictures/advertisement

Ads images are post moderated. In case a suggested image does not comply with MCP Terms & Conditions and publicly accepted rules, a subway station/bus stop can be delisted from the public city map until renamed properly.